Friday, February 10, 2012

Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom

Linda Wisdom continues in this book with her wonderful characters, the witches, expelled from the Witchy Academy all those many years ago...

Stasi, a 700+ year-young with owns a small boutique in a small California mountain town. She and her friend and fellow witch Blair, keep returning to the town that they love.

Things are great. Mortals know about the existence of witches, and the fears of the long-ago Salem Witch Trials are a thing of the past...the new, enlightened society doesn't fear witches, for heavens' sake-or do they?

When Stasi puts a little extra in a sachet in the purchase Carrie makes, the sparks and hearts fly. Stasi gets a letter informing her that the despicable Carrie is suing her for alienation of affection. She blames Stasi for husband # four leaving her. She takes her case to Wizard attorney Trevor Barnes. Trevor, believing the conniving Carrie takes the case and goes to meet the witch.

Remember those hearts? Cupid apparently has a sense of distorted humor, as the hearts Stasi and he see can mean only one thing-they are meant to be together.

While Stasi is attracted sexually to Trevor, how can she even consider Trevor when he's the attorney helping Carrie ruin her good name?

If all that isn't enough, something strange is going on in their happy lake town. The people start acting strange and their peaceful lake has been tainted by ancient magicks. Trevor and Staci, along with their friends set out to find the problem.

You will enjoy the return of Jazz and Nick from 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and the antics of the bunny slippers, Huff and Puff...oh, and did I mention the cursed gargoyle, Horace and the were-border collie, Jake?

This story is a fun read and will keep you guessing til the end. The story is a fun read, with just a tad bit of mystery tossed in. I always enjoy paranormal/urban fantasy love stories. This book has a more chick lit feel than the old traditional Harlequin book, which is what makes it a 5 star read by a very prolific, charming author any reader will want to add to their collection of favorites.

Be sure to find the others that are somewhat connected, Demon Does It Better (Demons) Hex Appeal Hex in High Heels (Jazz Tremaine)Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend A Demon Does It Better the Demon books also contain the witchy women!

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