Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm an avid reader and an author.  I read mainly the various romance genres and young adult.  If you'd like your book reviewed, please comment here, or email at books2lovereviews at gmail dot com.

Please allow at least two weeks for your review to appear.  In your email, please include the following:

Author Name
Author E-Mail
Book Title:
Approx. Word Count:
Would Like Interview: Yes or No (If yes, we will send a list of interview questions!)

And that's it!

Obviously, not everyone will like every type of book.  If you'd like to review for the site, please take the last book you've reviewed and send us a sample review of that title. Also, please let us know a little about you--are you a reviewer?  Do you write?  What genre do you prefer?  What is your turn-around time?  Do you have a way to review e-books? What format?

All reviews should be honest--but no book or author bashing! 

There are a lot of review sites out there.  The problem is that there are not so many that will review books by unknown authors or books that have been self-published.  We WILL.  However, if we receive a book that is simply very poor quality, we may decline to provide a review.

All books reviewed will have a review left on B&N, Amazon and Goodreads as well.  You may use your review in any promotional materials, as long as you link back to the site for credit to the reviewer. 

Be sure to follow us and check back often for the next Book 2 Love!

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