Friday, February 17, 2012

Initiation - Book One of the Bonfire Chronicles was written by Imogen Rose. Her books are a wonderful mix of paranormal and YA-Teen reads.

This book is a prequel to Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles) but it's not necessary to have read Faustine to read and understand Initiation. There are some small tie-ins with Imogen's PORTAL series as well. I recommend them all.

Initiation is the story of Cordelia, a student at the Bonfire Academy in Switzerland. Cordelia is selected to be a mentor to the half-human hybrid demon, Faustine, when she enters the Academy. From the start, Cordelia shines as she protects Faustine from shifters out to harm Faustine.

Cordelia has graduated from school, but she's taken an extra year to do extracurricular activities--like tennis and skiing--but you don't refuse when the King of the London demons is the charge you're asked to mentor.

While Cordelia is a full-demon, Faustine is only half. This puts her in danger, as the school also has vampires--and they are young vampires, just learning how to control their urges to feed.

Throughout the book, Cordelia is tasked with keeping Faustine safe and to help her grow and learn about her demon abilities. No one is more shocked than Cordelia when she discovers that Faustine seems to disappear--literally--when in danger. Not only that, she's one heck of a scary demon--she doesn't just morph--she GROWS!

Midst all this, and the mystery of Faustine's strange abilities, Cordelia has to figure out her feelings for Jagger, the faery, that she's wildly attracted to--and Quinn, a fellow demon, and her current boyfriend.

It's a busy year at the Academy, and I highly recommend you read the books and join the fun ride! The book is extremely well-written and well-edited, which is something sometimes hard to find in an indie published book.

We don't use stars on this site, but I certainly left 5 stars on my Amazon review. Initiation well-earned it.

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