Thursday, February 16, 2012


Goodnight Tweetheart was a quick, fun read. Anyone familiar with Twitter will find it really easy to get. Non-Tweeters will be able to understand Twitter based on Mark's explanations to the non-Tweeter Abby-so you don't have to understand Twitter to enjoy the book.

Abby is a terrified she can no longer write--after all, how do you top an almost-Pulitzer and Oprah Pick? She's past deadline and still on Chapter Five. She's more than willing to play with the Twitter account her publicist sets up for her--since it lets her avoid her blank document page.

Her first message is " anyone out there" or something similar. Soon, she gets a response: "Are you a virgin" (He meant TWITTER virgin, of course)

It's constant banter from then on! As one that enjoys sarcastic wit--I loved the discussions! I found myself laughing one minute and on the verge of tears by the end.

Both Mark and Abby are witty and charming. It's clear they have a lot in common as they 'tweet' each other over the next several months.

Just when she's wondering if she can have a relationship with someone 'online', she discovers Mark has lied to her all along. Will she walk away? Will she ever get past Chapter Five?

You'll have to read the book to find out!

Beware: This is not a traditional romance. You won't find the HEA strict romance book readers have come to expect. As Ms. Medeiros said, though, "It doesn't have a bad ending"

I nominated this book for a book club I moderate--just so I'd have an excuse to read it, LOL.

Ms. Medeiros has a fun, easy to read style. You'll find yourself turning the pages quickly. I love a book where it seems like what is within is 'possible'...and Goodnight, Tweetheart is a book that I could definitely see happening in the new day where more and more people meet via the Internet.

Goodnight, Tweetheart  can be purchased on Amazon and other retailers.

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