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Sweetest Seduction by K.B. Alan

Sweetest Seduction by K.B. Alan

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Val’s been Keith’s accountant for nearly a year. She dreams about his body pressed against hers, but there’s no need to let him in on that fact. The hunky photographer spends his days with beautiful models, there’s absolutely no way she can compete. Even if he has been throwing hints her way. She’s satisfied with her vibrator and her daydreams of her favorite client. Mostly.Keith is done trying to sweet-talk his accountant into going out with him. It’s Valentine’s Day, and knowing Val, she doesn’t have any plans beyond putting in a full day’s work. No more asking nicely, he’s just going to plan the day his way and pull her along until she gets with the program. He’s sure a proper date will help Val realize he’s just the man she needs. And a proper date includes lots of touching. And exploring. And toys of a battery-operated nature.


I really enjoyed this story. It was cute and sweet and kept my attention from the start. I liked how determined Keith is to win Val over. He really likes her and it showed in all the effort he put into making sure thay have the perfect first date. He manages to win her over despite herself. The author has penned a wonderful, sexy, romantic story that reminds me why I love reading. It is the perfect short story to get your mind off life and on hot steamy sex. Oh and romance. *g*

Review by Ursula Avery

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